Date Nights

Friday is the perfect night to close out the hustle of the week with your loved one or girlfriends! Go grab some food, a movie, a drink while we watch your little one(s)!

Our child watch is open from 4-8pm for $30 per child, +$10 per sibling.


Need a break DURING the week?

Monday through Saturday, 9am-12pm, our child watch is staffed and ready for your little one(s) while you take classes, study/work in the private work area, read, write, meditate, nap, or hang out with other women! Just come in!

Our child care is included in both our Unlimited and Social Memberships. That's 60 hours per month of FREE child watch while you're here taking YOU time!

If you don't have a membership, no worries! Try us for a drop-in for $20 per class or $20 per hour for child watch before deciding on a membership!