Our Philosophy

Walk in as you are, you'll be completely accepted. Every woman and parent is on their own journey of life and parenting. We're here to honor, help, support, empower, educate, laugh, and cry. Whatever stage of fertility, pregnancy, and parenthood you're in, we're here. All you have to do is consistently commit to your health, your sanity, your tribe and come in.


Discover Your GLOW

We are Generous: Liberal in giving, free from meanness or smallness of mind, magnanimous, fertile.

-The Glow is a judgment-free, kid-friendly, multi-faceted space for parents in all stages of parenthood. To shine brightest, we expect women and men to take care of themselves. We are consistently up-leveling self-care.

We see your Luminosity: The quality of being intellectually brilliant, enlightened, bright, inspired.

-The Glow’s purpose is to show each woman unyielding acceptance, deep compassion, inspiring accountability so that she reaches her wildest goals and desires. Build and flex your beautiful superpowers woman!

We believe in One: Oneness, uniqueness. Unity of aim and strong feelings of closeness.

-The Glow cares intimately for the ultimate Mother, Earth, through sustainable, green practices throughout the space. This integrity builds a healthy environment for the blossoming of friendships and finding your clan. This is a space where you feel validated, welcome, with an always full cup of coffee and tea.  

We facilitate your Wonder: To be filled with awe, marvel at. Be curious about. The emotion caused by what is strange and surprising, tinged with admiration. A miraculous deed.

-The Glow is a safe space to explore all your body and mind is capable of. To journey towards your own miraculous truth, we facilitate acceptance and vulnerability through education, play, and experimentation.

Generous Luminosity. One Wonder.

Meet the Family

The women who lead The Glow are wise women toughened and softened by the tribulations of life. They each have scars to prove their ferocity. Ask and they'll show you, proud to pass on honest wisdom born from experience. They protect the pride with love, kindness, realness, and a roar or two!

Krista Patterson


Jomally Fernandez

Instructor Coordinator

Jodie Wilhelm

Child Watch Lead
& Cleanliness Queen

Brittney Gonzalez

Events & Rentals


Ashley Pelletier

Child Watch

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